Trail's End Lodge was formerly known as the Tobermory Wireless Station. Built in 1912 for the Canadian government's Department of Naval Service, the station was operated by the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company and provided weather reports and communications with ships navigating the reef strewn waters in the entrance to Georgian Bay.

During World War One the station was under the protection of a detachment of soldiers whose job it was to prevent the enemy agents from sabotaging the radio equipment.

For thirty years the Tobermory Wireless Station played an important role in safeguarding the commerce of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. By the 1940's, however, a changing technology rendered the system obsolete and the buildings and property were sold into private ownership to become a tourist home.

The buildings were originally flanked by two 185' radio masts which stood as a conspicuous landmark for passing sailors. The masts have long since been removed but the foundations and the heavy chains used to guy the masts can still be found in the nearby woods.

Four similar Marconi stations were erected around the Upper Lakes, but only the one at Tobermory - now Trail's End Lodge - survives in a near as-built condition. Its features and setting still evoke a bygone era on the Great Lakes.

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